Have You Ever Tried To Save Money?

We try to save money whenever possible.  We sometimes make our own Christmas cards, and other holiday cards.  Back a few years ago I decided to play around with a “Blue Screen”, and some software for photo editing.  Without telling anyone what I had done we sent out the cards for Christmas, and everyone seemed to think we were in Disney for Christmas.

I tried to find our final copy of the photo, but could only find the original test photo.

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2 Responses to Have You Ever Tried To Save Money?

  1. I had a Care Credit Card. Near the end of the promotional period I applied for a different card with a low balance transfer apr, and transfered the balance to avoid the 29.99% apr on the expensive emergency that this card was supposed to “help” me through. As a result of trying to keep up with the promotional offer, I really put myself in a hole with cash flow.

  2. I never manage to save just conserve for another day….