Happy Thanksgiving To All


I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a HappyThanksgiving, and thank you to the soldiers that couldn’t be with their families during this time.  This year I am sorry to say that I could not spend Thanksgiving with my family because of an 18 hour day that I am working on Black Friday.  I haven’t missed Thanksgiving in quite a few years when I went to Disney World for Thanksgiving, but work is important, and sleep is also very important.  Wife is preparing some food, and is going to try to keep it somewhat quiet once I go to sleep.

By the time Thanksgiving will be over I will need a weight loss diet to lose some of the pounds that I am going to gain.

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One Response to Happy Thanksgiving To All

  1. Thanksgiving is a time of sharing with family and friends…
    Unfortunately, you were not able to share in that because you knew you wanted to provide for your family and couldn’t be in 2 places at once.
    Most people would not work on that holiday if they had the choice.
    Your actions show that you are a definite family man and even thou you couldn’t be there all day to celebrate with them you still care for them by your unselfish act.
    Your family must be very proud of you!