Going Back to Employee Status

With how bad the economy is a lot of people are looking for jobs.  Most are willing to work for whatever money they can to survive.  I have been a 15 year self owned company, and I have realized that the money isn’t getting better for people, rather it is steadily getting worse.  I have seen a dramatic drop in any work.

I recently talked to a company that I subcontract for, and found out they were looking for employees for their jobs in sales.  I was told that my reputation stood before me, and that everything I do, and the values I have for customers would help me have a better chance at the job.  I got a call today asking if I was still willing to work part time.  I immediatelly told the manager that I was more than willing.

I will see what it is like after almost 13 years of working on my own what it is like to be back in the employee sector.  I will not close my business at this point, but I will find alternate means to keep it running efficiently until I make further decisions.

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