Getting Sick & Things To Check

I get that strange feeling that this winter is going to be an interesting season.

Now that the weather is getting colder in NJ I have found a small laundry list of things that need to be attended to to help everyone in avoiding problems.

A few of these are meant to prevent you from getting sick, while a few are meant to prevent you from having to spend money unecessarily.

  1. Close all unecessary windows.  (Especially at night)
  2. Change all furnace filters. (Dust, etc.)
  3. Winterize outside water faucets.
  4. Plastic insulate outside doors, and windows not being used again.
  5. Check car anti-freeze consistency.
  6. Check winter tires.
  7. Winterize campers, etc.

I will have more for you in a small section I am doing to help out with caring for your home, and other things.

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