Formal Night…

The wife, and I were invited to go to a dinner in New York at the Grand Hyatt.  The dinner was an awards presentation for the Dress For Success organization.  I am not a big “Formal” type guy, and I know that my wife, and I were both very far out of our element.  We have never been to a “Dressy Dinner”, and this was our first.  I wore a suit, and she wore a very nice dress.  She looked VERY fine that night.  A car service was sent for us.  I am glad of that because I do not like New York one bit.  It is a very busy town, and I don’t drive half as agressive as those drivers do.  When we got there we were presented with Hors D’oeuvres.  The dinner was a bit small by my standards, but yet superb.  You see I don’t know that “Fine Dining” is small portions of food.  I am used to eating from a Big Boys plate, and was unaware of these things.  We both tried out wine that they were serving.  The red wine was quite dry, and the other was pretty good.  I don’t drink, so I only took a few sips.  There was a Live Auction, and a Silent Auction.  I alerted my wife that during either auction she needed to strap her hands down because the slightest itch causing her hand to go up would be costly.  For the silent auction we were both VERY silent.

We both enjoyed the time we had meeting other Brew Crew members, and hearing some of the things that were said by clients, and workers of the Dress For Success organization.  We both enjoyed ourselves, and hopefully we will get to do something like this again.  Thanks again.

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