Finding Health Insurance For Smokers

Working a regular job I have realized a lot of different things.  I haven’t thought about a lot of these things when I was working for myself for most of the past 14 years.  Now I have to make sure my family is well provided for.

Recently we started looking at affordable health insurance.  Finding any type of insurance for a smoker is a challenge in this day, and age.  I didn’t realize that the insurance companies want a considerable amount of money over what the non-smoker would pay.  This doesn’t make sense.  Older people that can’t see, and drive cars are more prone to have an accident, and be injured, yet their insurance is cheap in comparison to a smoker.

Why does everyone have to take advantage of all the hard working people?

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3 Responses to Finding Health Insurance For Smokers

  1. It does seem illogical at how they come up
    with coverage on different scenarios
    Thats health insurance for ya!

  2. I take a risk everyday because I am a smoker who is under severe financial stress and is so hard to quit right now. I agree it is hard to find decent insurance as a smoker that doesn’t cost a fortune.

  3. I think it has become apparent that smoking is hazardous to one’s health and shortens one’s life considerably. A smoker is likely to get smoke related diseases sooner than he would have gotten ill had he not been a smoker. I can see why this would raise his life insurance.