Expedition Everest: Yeti “Medical Issues”

I have been combining all the information from what I have found factual sources about the Yeti not working on the Expedition Everest ride at Animal Kingdom.

There are 2 modes of operation for the Yeti.  A mode which is where the Yeti moves, and swings his arms as if to try to grab you.  B mode is where the Yeti essentially does nothing, and blowing air, and strobe lights “simulate” his moving.

Currently there is a issue with the Yeti’s spine, and will need some serious “chiropractic work”.  No, seriously, it is confirmed that a major structural issue has been found, and needs major repairs.

Personally the Yeti moving was one of the highlights of the ride, and while the ride is still great, they should move this repair to the top of the list.  I would think that this “Medical issue” could ruin the ride for first time riders.

What do you think, and how did you see the Yeti when you rode the ride?  Mode A, or Mode B?

I liked the ride in Mode A the first time I rode the ride.

On the DisBoards “RSimon” posted this photo of the Yeti…

I have to admit that is the best shot of the Yeti I have ever seen to date!


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One Response to Expedition Everest: Yeti “Medical Issues”

  1. Thanks for the reference. Just as a note, when we rode it and this shot was taken, there were no strobes or anything. Just blackness.

    I have ridden the ride quite a few times and the “A” mode is definitely the best. The “B” mode is a pretty big let down if you have seen it in “A” mode. The black mode “C” is a total let down and I am sure first timers don’t know what they are missing which was the point of my photo.