Exchange Server ActiveSync And HTC Hero

I used to have a Blackberry because of the capabilities that it had.  In December I purchased a HTC Hero from Best Buy, and I have no regrets at this point.  I have finally finished testing connectivity between the HTC Hero, and my Exchange 2003 Server.  Some people that want Exchange ActiveSync capability may have issues with getting their company to implement a few small changes, but they are very easy to get done by the IT people.

When you first go to connect to a Activesync / Exchange Server you will get some sort of message about Authentication.  If you do, then keep reading because I explain how to have this fixed.

Go to mail, and create a new account under ActiveSync/Exchange.  You will be asked for the email address, and your password.  Press NEXT.  If it cannot automatically configure the remaining settings, then you will need to enter the server name, and port.  If everything goes well, then you will be lastly asked to choose what to syncronize.  This can also be found on the HTC site… HERE.

If you tried all of this, and you still can’t get ActiveSync to work, then you may need to have some things checked, and fixed if necessary.

Make sure Exchange Server has all the available Service Packs.

If you have all of the Service Packs, then go into the Exhange System Manager.  Click on First Organization, Global Settings, Mobile Settings.  Select properties for Mobile Settings.

From here things get a bit tricky about what settings your IT will allow.  Click on Device Security.

For the HTC Hero to work correct you need to put a checkmark in the “Allow access to devices that do not fully support password settings.”  This should allow you to connect to your Exchange Server via ActiveSync.  Receiving data from your mailbox, calendar, and contacts should be flawless at this point.  The only part that is going to give you an issue is sending from ActiveSync.  Mail / Messages will get “Stuck in the Outbox.”  I had to go into Exceptions, and add the users of Android phones so that those users are exempt from all security settings.  Now they can send from ActiveSync.

If you need any help getting this configured, then you can email me, and I will try to help you out.

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3 Responses to Exchange Server ActiveSync And HTC Hero

  1. Thank you for the great article, I am very excited. I have had my telephone for simply over a month now and am in point of fact taking part in all the free apps from the android market, with the ability to have the web and navigation at my fingertips all of the time. The one lower than idea feature is the picture/video text messages, as they don’t seem to be downloading properly.

  2. Does anyone know which type of video files are supported? I keep in mind the Intuition solely might dl 3gp utilizing opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, perhaps that’s the issue? How can I watch movies from websites aside from youtube? Which file types? Often I’m given the choice of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get both to work. Thanks in your time! Damn I wish I was eligible for the improve to EVO!

  3. Is this the same for a google exchange server? We just converted over to this? I need help desperately as Sprint and HTC both are saying the phone is fine. I dont know many organizations that will change settings for different phones.