Ever Wanted To Go To Rome?

My neighbor was doing a travel report, and had to use my computer.  He asked me to help him find the most information available, so I started searching.  Their geography report was on Rome.

I happened to find a site that had a lot of travel searches for this topic.  When you are looking for pricing on travel for other countries you need to find a tool that will seemlessly have all of the information. 

First he needed pricing on Rome accomodations.  We found a search dedicated to the Hotel Prague scene.  He then needed to search for other Hotels in Paris.    There are interactive maps, and searches based on city.

All in all this would be a site that I would use if I was traveling outside of the U.S.  The use of graphics, and simple searches are what most people seem to like on most sites.

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One Response to Ever Wanted To Go To Rome?

  1. I have always wanted to go to Rome! I especially want to see the Colosseum. Thanks for the tips!