Ever Wanted To Be A Disney Employee?

For those that have always dreamed of what it would be like to operate some of the Disney rides, then I have some links for you to check out.

These links will take you to another site that has designed a SIMULATOR (of sorts) that will let you see what it is like to control rides like:

Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Mission Space, and more.

Big Thunder – DisneyLand

Expedition Everest – Disney World

Millionaire – Disney World

Phantom Manor – Disneyland Paris

Space Mountain – DisneyLand

Tower Of Terror – Disney World

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One Response to Ever Wanted To Be A Disney Employee?

  1. A friend of one of my sons worked there under its college training program. Many of the original people in the Epcot restaurants came on limited visas to work there. I have watched the people grow over the years. The teens of the 70’s have morphed into today’s near retirees. Threats of strikes in the early 90’s changed its feel and employee attitudes. In my personal opinion Disney was much better before Eisner became CEO.