Electronic Stuff Giveaway

 This month I am giving away 3 prizes.

I am also giving everyone more ways to get additional entries.


The first is a Wireless Sensor Bar for the Wii.


 Retail MSRP is: $14.99


The second is a Battlefield 2 PC game.


Retail MSRP is: $14.99


The third is a am/fm tv tuner card for PC


Retail MSRP is: $24.99


Contest will run from 5.8.09 through 6-5-09

Contest is open to all.  Shipping to lower 48 is included.

 Ways to enter:  (Complete one of the first 3 in order to have your initial entry)

  • Post a comment here telling what you play on the Wii, and how much.


  • Post a comment here telling me what you would like about playing Battlefield.


  • Post a comment here telling me what you would watch while you are on the computer.

The comment you post about will determine which prize you will be entered into.  Post a comment to all 3 to enter all of them.

  1. Post a comment on any post at MomsBlogs4U (1 additional entry)
  2. Post a comment on any post at DisneyContestBlog  (1 additional entry)
  3. Post a review about my site on your site (5 additional entries)
  4. Place my button on your site (NO NoFollow tag) (5 additional entries)
  5. Place a button on your site from either of the following sites: DisneyContestBlog.Com, MomsBlogs4U.Com
  6. Subscribe to my site (Mid Left Widget) or HERE – Tell me your email. (1 additional entry)
  7. Subscribe to my Feedburner.  (1 additional entry)
  8. Twitter my contest – Post your Twitter name.  (Max. 1 Twit per hour) (1 additional entry per Twit)
  9. Technorati favorite my site  (1 additional entry)
  10. Refer 5 other people. (5 additional entries if they comment here.)

Shipping to the Lower 48 states is included.  All others are responsible for shipping costs.  The winners will have 3 days to respond in order to receive their prize.

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22 Responses to Electronic Stuff Giveaway

  1. I posted a comment on each of your other sites.

  2. I subscribed to your feed.

  3. Thank you for this contest. I would love to get Battlefield. I play it on the PS3 whenever I can.

  4. added you to technorati faves

  5. Carma…It is a good safe game for anyone.

  6. I think my son would enjoy playing Battlefield

  7. I subscribed via email.

  8. I use my Wii fit the most. I also play brain age, but not as long since it’s frustrating!

  9. email subscriber (this email)

  10. feed subscriber

  11. I would love to play the wii Zelda game!

  12. “Tweet!”
    Many thanks, Cindi

  13. You are favored on my Technorati Page…..
    Thanks, Cindi

  14. I follow your feed on my Google Reader Page!
    Thanks, Cindi

  15. I am an email subscriber to your blog!
    Thanks, Cindi

  16. Hello! Currently, I am enjoying playing “Boom Blox” with my family on Wii.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  17. I would watch CSI while I was on the computer!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i play mario party, banjo kazooie nuts and bolts, and chocobos dungeon

    i would watch Ugly Betty

  19. Thanks for the review!

  20. I play guitar hero about 5 hours a week
    and I also do wii fit about the same amount of time

    if I could watch anything I wanted on my computer it would be Criminal Minds!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  21. #1 and #2 completed many times.

    #6 pat.navymom

    #10 (small circle)

    The other numbers are all in a language foreign to me,

  22. I have played the basic fitness thing once.

    Best thing about Battlefield is I don’t play it at all.

    Mostly tivo’d soap operas llilke GH and OLTL.