Economy And Vacationing

Years ago my wife, and I purchased a Disney Vacation Club membership.  The economy wasn’t as bad when we bought.  With the economy hurting everyone we have talked several times about what we are going to do with our timeshare.  The wife has asked if I would be willing to sell my timeshare if we needed money, and I gave her the brutal truth.  If the economy is as bad as it is, then noone is buying for the most part.  What makes her think that we will be able to sell our timeshare, and even if I did we would probably take a loss.

I am not willing to sell it because we use it, and it isn’t as expensive as most think.  Why is that?  We paid off quite a bit when I was making good money, and not much is due on it anymore.  We also go away 2-3 times a year, and enjoy the time away.  I have even gone to Florida to try and do work when we are away.

Do you have a timeshare, and have you ever thought of selling it to make some money back in?

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2 Responses to Economy And Vacationing

  1. The part about the value in this reession is true. However, the timne and expense of traveling costs more than staying at home. Balancing a budget is all choices.

  2. We just bought points at BLT in Aug. 2009 because we could afford it (or we wouldn’t have bought it) and so even though the economy was bad, we were doing better than we have in a long time. That trend has continued but if something ever happened that we needed money, yes, I would consider selling. If I am that bad off I’m not going to be going on vacation, why would I need a vacation home?

    The problem is, what happens when things get better? No more vacation home…