Eating Out At IHOP Neptune, NJ

To protect the innocent NO employee names will be mentioned directly.  Some things may not be understood unless you are part of the job.

I am not one to usually post about a dining experience.  Last night the store I work in had dinner out because of a contest that we had won as a store.  We went to the IHOP #4776 in Neptune, NJ on Route 66.  The 4 managers, and 9 of us met up after the store closed.  I have eaten at other IHOP locations before, and the experience is always good.  Now I have to wonder if what transpired below was due to the time, location, or the help.

We got seated by the IHOP location manager.  The waitress initially came in, and came over to us singing.  We wouldn’t have thought anything of that.  The waitress came over, and took our drink orders.  After taking our drink orders she took our food orders.  She came back to the tables, and dropped off condiments.  As she left the first table I could swear I heard her say “Go F*** Yourself.” in a very low tone.  After she walked away I asked if anyone else had heard this, and it was confirmed by RS that he had also heard this.

Next the waitress was requested to change a french fry to a onion ring, and she then asked “Are you serious?”  Well, we all looked at each other, and tried to figure out if this waitress was for real.  She called the manager over, and in a very audible voice said “I have a void because he wants to change a fry to an onion ring.”  We were all skeptical about the quality of our food, and whether it would come out tampered with, or not.  We will never know.

Somewhere along the line I come to find out that the waitress was behind one of the other employees from our party, and made a gesture as if to hit him.  Our fearless 3rd key asked for comment cards, and the manager complied.  Immediatelly the waitress looked in amazement at her, as if to question why.

The end of the meal came, and TJ went to pay the bill with “GIFT” credit cards.  The manager then stated that they don’t take them, and pointed at a wall in the back saying that they have this posted, and that he mounts this sign so that they don’t have any issues.  Well, we don’t work there, so we wouldn’t see this sign.  BTW… these are credit cards, and they are forms of payment.  Take the card, and deal with it people.

The IHOP manager roamed around for 10-15 minutes trying to find out the balance, as that is what we were paying with.  After finding out the cards amounts were as stated he then went to the register, and took @1/2 hour to get the transaction finalized.  This is with TJ next to him, and I would hope that TJ gave this manager a little management skills training.  We joked that TJ was teaching him E1 being that it took so long.  (For those that don’t know… E1 is an alternate register solution when the graphical one is down.)  During this the waitress came to the table, and started cleaning up.  She made one final comment that made us all wonder what her situation was.  She said “I have to clean up to start earning my living.”

What gives with people these days?  Do they really find their job that boring, or worthless?  We overheard TJ say that he was going to hire this lady for work, and we all laughed at that.  If any of us had treated a customer in this manner we would be on some serious disciplinary, or terminated.  Under the breath sighs, grunts, comments, and actions play heavily on your job.  Comment cards mean everything.  If this lady gets tipped based on customer satisfaction, then she must get NO tips because her customer service skills are seriously lacking.

That brings me to ask… can I get an “Out The Door!” for this waitress?
So… If you ever want a good meal, and great service…  I would recommend eating SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Side Note.. The waitress name was Lisa.

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3 Responses to Eating Out At IHOP Neptune, NJ

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience during your outing with your work peers..
    I wonder why she had an attitude initially when you first arrived there?
    Are you sure that you and your buddies were on your best behavior?
    Lets face it, a group of men going out together and having a female waitress
    may be a uncomfortable situation for her anyway.
    She still needs to understand that she is a public servant and needs to address
    the customers (even if they are not so nice sometimes) in a professional manner and if she needs her boss to assist he/she should also have the same demeanor.
    I work with the public all day long and have these same difficulties everyday.

  2. Emily…We never heard back.  At least I got to give them a bit of PUBLICITY.

  3. Hi JMarsden92,

    Thank you for sharing about IHOP’s bad customer service. I have had this happen as well when I was at IHOP with my family. The way your waitress acted is ridiculous. Besides our past negative experiences with IHOP, we may want to keep in mind that the company has been exposed for food safety issues and animal cruelty in its supply chain. For more details, please check out:

    I just wanted to let you know about what’s going on at IHOP. Have a wonderful week and happy holidays.

    God Bless,

    Emily Spivak