Easter 2009 & My Daughter

Every year we participate in several Easter activities.  This year was no different.

Our first stop was the Seaside Heights Easter Egg Hunt.  That was a train wreck.  It would almost seem like they didn’t plan for as many children showed up.  In years previous, Seaside would allow the parents down to the beach.  This would cause some children to have an advantage because their parents were helping.  This year most parents were not allowed down to the beach.

We used to go to Pt. Pleasant, but that just got to be a hastle, as Pt. Pleasant was charging an awful lot to park, and it was rather tedious driving from Egg Hunt to Egg Hunt.

Next we went to the Lakewood American Legion Post.  Planning is usually well done.  This year something new was attempted.  Let the children out within minutes of the prior group of children.  When everything was all done there were some disappointed children.

My daughter has actually suprised me today with some of her actions.  Usually she doesn’t want to part with her findings because she doesn’t want to lose.  Today she gave away almost all of her Easter Eggs to other children that got none.  I think my daughter is finally learning a little bit.  She has really outdone herself.  (Let’s see if she can keep up the efforts.  Doubt it.  ROFLMAO!)

In the end she told them how many she had prior to giving away her eggs, and also how many after.  She ended up winning the prize for her age group because she had the most eggs.

Next week we are going to Florida, and she will be participating in Disney’s Easter Egg Hunt at the Boardwalk.  She enjoys that each year we go at Easter.

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4 Responses to Easter 2009 & My Daughter

  1. Maggie, Thanks for continuing to visit.  NJ isn’t anything special anymore.  Wanna buy a house? I have 4 sites currently. Thanks again.

  2. We try to bring her up with more manners than most adults have in todays time.

  3. #l Granddaughter showed her manners and upbringing. She was more kind and generous than at least one parent there. A physically challenged little boy had no eggs and the search was almost at an end. He spotted one. As he reached for it, a mother supervising her son told him to take it. There were no more to be found.

    She saw what happened and without being told or asked, took one of hers and placed it where he could find it. He did and it brought such joy to him. She was the better for what she did. She will make the world a better place unlike many of the people she sees.

  4. That’s funny…I came to your blog because of your Disney content and now find that you live where I used to! I grew up in Sea Girt and moved here to Rockland County, NY in 2003. I still miss the shore.