Dressing Up?

Back a few months ago we were guests at a dinner in New York City.  We were invited by a company that we have worked with in blogging.  I was initially worried about going because we were told that we had to wear “Cocktail Attire.”  I was unsure of it’s actual meaning, and told my wife that I wouldn’t be going if this meant that guys had to wear tuxedos.  She ended up finding me a shirt cheap, and purchased me a set of dress shoes because I just don’t wear them much.  I happened to have a jacket in the closet.  She looked stunning in the dress she wore.  Everything worked out, but one thing stands true for us, and that is… We were both out of our comfort zone.  We aren’t the type of people that go out to fancy dinners, but that may have changed now.  We enjoyed ourselves, and hope to do it again.

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One Response to Dressing Up?

  1. You two loook great. Glad you had a good time. I love Palos and still recommend it….