Don’t Go To Work?

I had to work in Seaside this past weekend, as most of you have read, or heard.  Well, the first day wasn’t bad because I just didn’t go to sleep before work.  After work I was quite tired, and ended up sleeping through the afternoon.  When I woke to go back into work my wife stopped me, and told me that she didn’t think that I should be going in.  I asked why, and she said that I needed sleep, and she didn’t want me to get hurt trying to drive, or work.  She said that it was only brought to my attention because of the dark circles under my eyes.  I know she knows that when I wake without sleeping more than necessary I look like a bus hit me.

Working in Seaside wasn’t that bad.  I ended up getting to sit in my truck for @2 of the hours just watching the camera system on my laptop because the kids were being quiet.  The next day was a bit more challenging, but I got through it.  I only had one instance where I had to actually work hard, and that was when one of the kids decided to keep sneaking into the hotel, thus causing me to have to locate him, and escort him off the property for trespassing.

Seaside is a strange place to work, and the kids don’t make it any easier.

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