Do Night Vision Goggles Actually Work?

Has anyone actually tried out Night Vision goggles?  I have always been curious whether, or not these cheap versions actually work.  I recently found out that there was a Prestige Edition of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  This package comes with the game, manual, Night Vision goggles, steel case, art book, and head for holding the goggles.  This package is obviously for the hardcore Call Of Duty players, as the cost is @$150.  Users have claimed that they actually work, but I have to be a bit skeptical because the military obviously can’t afford them easily, otherwise everyone on the battlefield would have them.  If they do actually work, then how far off will it be for Night Vision binoculars?

Give me your thoughts.

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One Response to Do Night Vision Goggles Actually Work?

  1. Before I spent that much on game ones, I would get the real thing to use at night–too much for play to me.