Disney World Tips #2

To continue onward in the spirit of saving money in Disney…

When making your reservations with Disney make sure you request any available discounts for AAA.  I know that Disney will honor a few others, but I am unsure of which ones they are.

When making a car rental reservation keep in mind that the Disney Magical Express can make it so that you don’t need a car at all.  Most people don’t need a car unless they plan on going off grounds.  If you do need to make a reservation, then go online to Http://www.Travelocity.Com, and get a quote for the desired car.  Then open a new browser, and go to that actual car rental company site.  You will usually get a little better pricing.

When you need gas while on Disney property, remember to go to Downtown Disney, and stop at the Hess.  The gas is cheaper than it is once you leave grounds.

If you need to do some shopping for Disney merchandise, and you have a car, then there is only one place to go.  I believe they changed the name, but the address is: 5401 W. Oakridge Road, Orlando, FL 32819.  It used to be called Belz.

Buffets can be a little of the desirable, but when saving money they are essential.  Eat a buffet meal at the end of breakfast serving time.  You will still get the breakfast food, but late enough to be almost time to serve lunch.  Children, and adults that eat right at a buffet can make it till dinner.  Maybe a snack or two.  My personal favorite on Disney grounds is the Trails End Buffet in Fort Wilderness.

I will keep the information coming.  TTFN.

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