Disney World Tips #1

Even though we own a Disney Vacation Club membership, my family still goes to Disney paying cash.  Over the last many years I have come up with some tips for vacationing in Disney World.

Try to plan out your vacationing for the next year.  I know that sounds hard, but get a good idea in your head on whether, or not you can do it.  If you can, then consider purchasing a Annual Pass.  By doing this you can save a lot of valuable money.  A single day pass is @$35-45 a day.  An Annual Pass is @$400 for an adult.  Annual passholders also get various discounts at designated stores, and shops throughout Disney World.

If you are going to stay in the Orlando area, then also consider taking a Timeshare tour, which can be arranged at almost any store in the Orlando area.  By doing this you can earn tickets to many of the area parks, including Disney World.  Just remember… in the end just say NO.  You can tell them that you are quite interested, but need to think about it.  They will not like it, but that’s the way it goes.  BTW… If you are seriously interested in owning a timeshare, then please email me, and I will show you how DVC is the best one out there.  (I am not employed, or affiliated with Disney.  I just find it to be the only feasible timeshare deal out there.)


I will make a detailed post about the Disney Vacation Club at another time.

When staying in Disney, or the surrounding areas take your car, and go to the local Wal-Mart, or whatever other food store.  Purchase sodas, waters, and snacks that you can have at your rental, or wherever.  Most of the time you can even take your lunches, snacks, and drinks into the parks.

Manage your time wisely.  I am not one for making schedules now that I know most of the tricks, but I still know when the parades, and other such activites are.  By knowing this information, you can plan the rest of your day.  When a parade is going on, most people become occupied with the parade, and pass on the rides, and shows.

GET THERE EARLY!  If you don’t get there early, you miss out on seeing a lot of things that Disney offers.  Prior to the Magic Kingdom opening daily, some of the characters ride to the front of the park on the train, and greet the people waiting outside.

Make your dining reservations MONTHS in advance.  When you get to Disney is not the time.  Spend it relaxing.  Not only that, but making a reservation while you are there will be almost impossible, as most of the reservation slots will be full.

If there are any questions, then please feel free to comment.  Comments are valuable.  Comments are necessary for the posts to keep a level of expectation.

More tips to come, so check back.

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2 Responses to Disney World Tips #1

  1. Most of all confirm what your membership rights are–don’t settle for second hand info–with a time share or vacation club.

  2. Great tips! Especially about “planning early”. This allows you to pay as you go (accomodations, tickets, airfare, etc.). And it certainly adds to the excitement as you dream of your upcoming vacation!