Disney “UP” & “Partly Cloudy” Review


Last night we went out as a family to see an advance screening of Disney/Pixar “UP.” We got to the movie theatre more than an hour ahead of schedule, but there was still a crowd. My wife was again advised that it was first come – first served.

This may serve as a spoiler, so if you do not want to read a review with details, then please click somewhere else, or don’t read.  This is a 3D movie.  (To all you pirates out there… You won’t be hacking this one.)

During the movie I looked over at my wife, and noticed she wasn’t watching her normal eyelid movie.  Yet she was actually crying at times during the movie… What a sap!

The movie starts out with a movie short called “Partly Cloudy.”  This is about clouds that make everything, and one just didn’t have a great success rate with the stork.  Anyway…

“UP” starts with a old style film about an explorer that found bones, and they claimed the bones were fake so he left to get proof.  The movie then shows a boy playing and visualizing about the explorer from the film.  He meets a girl, the girl becomes his wife.  They make promises to each other, and one specific one from their childhood never came true before she died.

A court was sending him to a retirement home because he had hit a construction official.  He didn’t want that to happen so he attached numerous balloons to his house, and floated away.  He found out that a wilderness explorer scout was on his porch when there was a knock at the door.

They made it to the location the old man was trying to get to, and they eventually ran into the aged explorer from the beginning film.

Well… Nevermind, Go see the movie.

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2 Responses to Disney “UP” & “Partly Cloudy” Review

  1. Pat…It was a good movie.  Go see it.

  2. I have not been enchanted by many of the Disney animation movies of late. Good stories for kids but without the magic of the princesses I know and love. Since this one is in 3-D I may consider it though. The summary tweaks my interest a little.