Disney & Star Wars… What a Match.

I have never had the opportunity to get to Disney during the well known “Star Wars Weekends.”  I have been trying to get there for a long time, but the money situation isn’t helping.  I am going to at least try to start collecting the Disney figurines that are released.

Here are some photos from StarWars.Com.


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2 Responses to Disney & Star Wars… What a Match.

  1. George Lucas is simply amazing! The Star Wars phenomena is arguably the very best movie making ever.

  2. I have wanted to go to a Star Wars Weekend in WDW or DL for a long time. I have also checked ouot collectibles in the Downtown Disney stores by both resorts. They can be pricey so if you ae going to just put them in a closet and not display them, put the money that they would cost into the bank. At least there it collects interest.