Disney Site “Re-Design”

While I am not one for major change, Disney needed to do something with their website.  It was getting old, and wasn’t as informative as it seems now.

The site now shows more information for the rides that are in the parks.  For example the rides that have “Pal Mickey”, “Rider Swap”, and other options are now showing those options on that rides individual page.

The site has photos, and videos of a lot of the things that you will find on their site.

Check out http://disneyworld.disney.go.com for the Disney World site.

What do you think of the site rehab?

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One Response to Disney Site “Re-Design”

  1. Good information for the technology dependent people. Me I llike to get opout there, walk around, ask questions, see for myself, and read the day’s park guide. Disney chooses what it tells the public. It wants to project a certain image. Unfortunately, that image is not always 100% true to fact. Me, well I woould like to see the parks become as handicapped friendly as for example Universal–but that is only my opinion.