Disney News #5

1.  The construction at the Meadows pool in Fort Wilderness is well under way, and should actually be completing soon.  Here are a few pictures that I got from another one of my sources.



The pool was supposed to open on March 20th, but I am not there, and you can never tell when the pixie dust will actually get cleaned away so that they can open.

2.  McDonalds is apparently going to be phased out of the Disney World Resort.

3.  Spoodles will be closing, and making way for a new restaurant that will be part of a venture between Disney, and celebrity chef Cat Cora.

4.  Rumors are what keep everyone imagining.  If any of you have heard a rumor about new parks, or whatever, then the JimHillMedia site is probably the originating source.  I have never posted about this mans site, or anything on it, as it is evident that someone is getting their information from a mouse, and not an executive.  Most of what is on the site is wrong.  The site has been known to have very bad information.

5.  Characters are “rumored” to be returning to Liberty Tree Tavern.

6.  Chef Mickeys is still being worked on.

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