Disney & Healys – No Match

This is not just a Disney problem, but I feel the Disney side of this is more of a topic for me to dive into.

For those of you that don’t know what a healy is… a healy is a footwear item that has wheels in the heal.

Have any of you walked around in Disney, and almost gotten run over by a mindless child?  That child was probably “Healing” around.  While most stores take action immediatelly, the cast members at Disney do almost nothing about the problem.  In crowds these shoes can be very dangerous.

Not only dangerous, but also a potential lawsuit against Disney.  Even though we know that most of the Disney legal team would not be concerned with this, the initial threat is still there.  Parents don’t understand the ramifications that these shoes could create, and on top of that… the injuries that the child may sustain by using them in a inappropriate place.

Disney has no problem cleaning floors, and all, but those shoes do cause some damage.  What I have noticed is that the parents usually don’t notice the child is using them, or doesn’t care that they are using them.  Either which way the parent should be held accountable.

For the first time in many visits I heard a message when getting off the monorail at the Magic Kingdom.  The message was that children needed to keep their Healys up, and locked.

What do you think about this problem?

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One Response to Disney & Healys – No Match

  1. Have to agree on this issue. Parents’ don’t pay attention to their children ‘wheeling’ around and into others. How comfortable can those shoes be anyway…wearing them all day at Disney?