Disney Ft. Wilderness

As a child I grew up liking the lifestyle of staying at Disney on “Key To The World.”  All the benefits, and perks that you can imagine.  Eventually either cost, or availability of the “Key To The World” made it so that we no longer got that when my family went.

After moving out of my parents house I met my wife, and I decided that I wanted to take her to Disney, as she had never been there.  We initially went, and stayed at Ft. Wilderness in a tent.  We had all of the amenities… TV, Refrigerator, Air Matresses, and more.  Camping… Doesn’t have to just be in a tent roughing it.

I was a little out of my element, but I dealt with it.  My wife, and I were in for a rough stay.  We dealt with downpours of rain, a tent that ripped, and my wife had to deal with her new friends “The Armadillos.”  They would constantly follow her, and bother her.  She was a little spooked by them initially, but she got used to it, and now we all joke about it.


We vowed to not camp in tents again, as I was very uncomfortable, and we got very wet.  The 2 of us started staying at the All Star Resorts.  The cost was just about right for us.  All in all we enjoy Ft. Wilderness, as the people staying there are more enjoyable to be around.  The people that stay in the campground generally have a nice outlook on things.  Most people coming to Disney that stay in the hotels seem to have a rude outcome.

A few years later we drove down to Disney, and rented a motorhome.  We stayed in the preferred loop, which is nice, as you don’t need a bus to get around the campground.  You can get a boat to quite a few locations, or there is a bus that will take you direct to the front of the campground from that area.  That trip was very nice.  I may not be a camper, but I can motorhome.  It is nice to be able to smell fresh air, and be around very hospitable people.

The one thing that I am surprised got removed is the petting zoo.  The animals got moved to Animal Kingdom.  My daughter used to beg us all the time to get a pony ride.  Oh Boy, memories are great.


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  1. The Fort Wilderness campground has resort status. Cable, Internet, water, sewer are some on the enmities that keep its campers from roughing it.

    Now back in the early 90’s my husband decided we would be able to go places and have fun camping. I quickly reminded him that first and foremost harmonious living with me demanded my sleeping in a real bed. I also told him that I didn’t want to do housework on vacation like cooking, washing dishes, taking out the trash. Well, hubby volunteered to do it all. For the record, I just have one word for his promises, “Rubbish!”

    Anyway the boys are much like their mother and enjoy their creature comforts. They were into scouting at the time and knew how to be prepared. I watched them set up their tent. Their elder brother opted out of the scene.

    It was a big Coleman two roomer with enclosed porch. Next came the BIG move in and I do stress the word BIG. Two cots, two mattresses, two complete sets of bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets of course), two end tables (at least they were collapsible ones), two trunks, throw rugs, lighting,
    clock, stereo, t. v. and, oops, almost forgot a refrig. They had all the comforts of home.

    We visited the blacksmith shop. We saw the ponies that pulled Cinderella’s coach. We fed the animals at the petting zoo . Sometimes we just sat in the rockers at _____ watching the kids play in the nearby playground. Things don’t have to cost a lot to be fun.

    Tempus fuget. Nature walks, campfires, fishing, boat rides, swimming in the old swimming hole (River Country was still open back then), were simple things that delighted us. We were a family together, doing sharing.

    The sparkle of the Water Light Parade at night followed by fireworks in the sky coming from the not-so-far away Magic Kingdom truly had taken us of a routine, mundane world and into a land of wonder. If the Blue Fairy gave me one wish, I would wish we could go back to the innocence of youth that was there then.