Disney DVC – Vero Beach

Here is some information about the Disney DVC Resort Vero Beach.


While I am a Disney lunatic, I am also a person that likes a good resort.  My family stayed at the Vero Beach resort last year prior to sailing on the 7 Night Disney Cruise.  The resort itself is very well kept, and “Slightly” Disney themed.  The rooms are designed in the “hotel” configuration that I refer to quite often.  While there are no characters to the best of my knowledge, the resort is mainly for the getaway vacation in my opinion.

When you leave the Vero Beach gates you enter into “Real World.”  We went out to get food, and find other activities, as in my impressions, there wasn’t much to do.  The drive to most places outside of the resort isn’t a short one either.

At night you need to keep doors, and windows closed because of the “NoSeeEms”, I believe that is how it is spelled.  All in all the resort is top notch.  If you are looking for more Disney, then I would definitelly suggest against the resort.  For DVC’ers there is no problem.  Owning here doesn’t mean you have to stay there.  Sometimes it is better to just have the capability of having the points at your disposal.

There are Turtle Watches that go on at certain times of the year.  There is also a miniature golf area on grounds.  The pool is quaint.  When the resort gets to a level of occupancy the pool does get a bit crowded.

Below you will find the floorplans to the Vero Beach Resort.





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One Response to Disney DVC – Vero Beach

  1. The floor plans certainly make the rooms look big–like the ones they first built in OKW. Later resorts used a smaller scale and many of the villas like BW and BC reminded me of railroad houses in old city houses–with the rooms next to one another . The newer ones in SS took from the original designs and put in two levels–better idea. Now old folks who can’t easily walk don’t take overt the master suite because of stairs.
    (I made this comment to the exhibitors many times. Glad they thought about it.)

    Having driven there a few times, its remoteness needs to be stressed. Other than a large chain pharmacy there was little for miles. I never complained about lack of McD and fast food before. However, with the hotel restaurant being basically the only act in town, it’s a choice of bringing your own food in or paying big bucks. I heard there is no meal plan available but really never checked.