Disney & DVC Vacation Planning

I am making a list of sites that have tools to help in planning Disney DVC vacations.  While there are many out there, I don’t have the resources to find all of them.  If you have one, then comment here, and I will make sure it gets into my listing.  Here are a few that I have.





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One Response to Disney & DVC Vacation Planning

  1. Regarding the sites for vacation info:
    A lot of people think with all the time I have spent in both WDW and WD that I should do my own travel blog. I am considering this now that things are settling down. Having been to World the first year it opened, then 5 or so years later, then with a yearly stay of one or more weeks since 1985, I have checked out almost every hotel, restaurant, and park ride more than once.

    I t was interesting to read Dusney is implementing one of the suggestions I gave while visiting the Vacation Club kiosk–changing the point values so that it is more appealing for seven day trips–too many points were loaded into the weekend days. I will have to study the charts when they come out for 2010 to see if it pays me. After all there are alternatives–camping, hotels outside the park, other vacation club promos to name a few.

    P. S. I do not limit my words or count them!