Disney DVC – Notes

When purchasing DVC make sure that you account for everything.  Look at what is being offered, and think long about your decision.  Most people with the average family really only need 150-200 points.  Once you are a member you can add on more points if you find it necessary.  Don’t forget that you can borrow up to 1 year forward.

DVC does its own financing.  Most people are suprised to find out that the interest rates are not all that bad in comparison to taking out a loan, or something in that fashion.  If you have a home, and can pull a equity loan with a low enough interest rate, then do that.  I had our timeshare for 2 years.  We got a offer to get a home equity loan for half the interest Disney was charging.  Yes, I believe we lost the tax benefits, but I also lost a lot of the figure if I had paid for it solely through Disney.

Try to go through someone like Http://www.dvc-resales.com.  You won’t be buying direct from Disney, but that really doesn’t change a thing.  You can usually get a great deal if you are dealing with a company that is reselling what others are getting rid of.  If you want to go through Disney, then I would recommend Kelly Jo, as she is very outgoing, and knows a lot of what she is doing.  I must say that every DVC salesperson I have met seems to know what they are doing.

The cost per point is much greater now than it was when I bought.  Each resort has a different price per point.  Remember… Points can be used, rented, or transfered.

While some people use their points to take a Disney Cruise, I actually recommend against this.  If calculate it on the money side… Use this formula…(Remember these are only approximated numbers.)

Each point has a value of $ per point.

     (At purchase the points cost you…)

I can rent, trade, or transfer for $ per point.

     (You can go online and rent, trade, or transfer points for @$10+)

I can potentially spend $ to book the Disney Cruise paying Cash/Credit.

     (The cruise is @ $700 per adult x 2 + $400 per child)

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