Disney DVC 2010 Point Changes

While I am a loyal Disney Vacation Club member, I must state my opinion on a topic that has seemingly put a lot of DVC members in a rage.

Here is my question… How would a body of people appeal this type of decision?  Disney seemingly does everything behind closed doors.  Look at what they did with the smokers, and DVC resorts…  (read that article HERE)

Disney Vacation Club for many years has had their points schedules structured towards weekday use.  (Sunday night through Thursday night)  It came to public knowledge that DVC has changed this structure starting in 2010.

DVC has changed it so that the points for weekends were reduced, and weekdays were increased.

I understand that Disney’s intention is probably aimed at starting to grasp the weekend traffic of visitors.  What Disney doesn’t understand is that people from outside of Florida usually travel on the weekend, and stay during the week.

I made this point at another site that I frequent.  “Why not level the points to be approximatelly equal at all times.  On top of that Disney could also limit the capabilities of Florida residents use of the points if that was done.

This is not said with the discrimination card in the air at all.  What I am simply stating is that Disney, and other companies honor their locals to the extent that they get preferred pricing, seating, etc.  I know Florida residents that purchase Annuals, and go 2-3 times a year.  Yet I live in New Jersey, and go 2-3 times a year, and purchase Annuals.  Where is my preferred pricing.  There is none.

The original solution I had brought “Nay-Sayers” to the table stating that it would be discrimination.  I say “NO!”  It is the same as the ticket pricing for Florida residents.  Those people say that the Florida residents will use the resorts that much more if the points were leveled out.

What everyone fails to realize is that Disney is strategically controlling when their resorts get the most guests.  They have lower point values at dead times, and higher point values at peak times.  Peak times being Holidays, and such.  The DVC member community has already paid for their points, and Disney is still treating the resorts like hotels.  Different points for different resorts is not fully understandable by me, either.  The whole thing should be first come, first serve.

If you ever tried to book a Disney DVC resort at peak times you probably found it was not available for all your desired time.  They have the waitlist.  That is great, but in all honesty if they limited Floridians to a 30 booking window then there might be a little more understanding.

I am only stating my honest opinion.  I love the way the DVC timeshare has worked out in regards to money in the past, but now they are changing the calculations that we all worked out initially.

I am sorry if I offended anyone with my opinion in this matter, but sometimes things need to be said.

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3 Responses to Disney DVC 2010 Point Changes

  1. The Timeshare Guy

    Do you know how I could get rid of my timeshare? I tried several brokers, but no results yet.

  2. vacation homes near disney

    I am thinking about it, and the prices are good right now. My idea is to buy one and then put in on Holiday Rentals by the week. What is the occupancy rate (weeks in a year) that Vacation Rental Houses close to Disney (Florida) have? I hear occupancy could be minimum 25 weeks inside a year and somebody else tells me it’s minimum 35 weeks inside a year. Can anybody assist with any information?

  3. Disney has manipulated points to its own advantage not to longtime DVC holders. Disney raised its weekday points while simultaneously dropping its weekend ones. Check the math and it is the exact same number for seven straight nights? Why? You can bet that ut figured out people didn’t find much value in paying–yes I said paying because those points cost money; they are not free–two to three times for a Friday or Saturday when they could book for much less in a local hotel.

    Disney had its DVC member meeting in December. Did it send anyone an announcement of the schedule? I never got one. So much is done by their “holding company” meaning the hierarchy that is the keeper of policy. No one gets to express either approval or descent. It is done behind closed doors then notifications go out advising owners–whoops lease holders. Best for Disney is that it is all in the very, very small contract print on file. Too bad that contracts aren’t written in language that most of us can read and understand.

    Why is this a surprise? Just look at what they did about smoking to those who had bought many years ago under terms that should have been grandfathered in. Don’t kid yourself–Disney is big business and run as such without room for Old Walt’s hopes and dreams.