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While I have done most of the original Disney Cruises, there have been numerous additions to the lineup.


My family has been on the 3 Night, 4 Night, and the Western 7 Night.  We have our “hearts” set to go on another, but not for a while, as we used a credit card with a low interest promotion for the last one, and we are still paying for it.

The months that most don’t want to cruise due to Hurricane Season are: June 1 through November 30.

During these months the prices for the cruises seem to drop.

For the person that may easily get motion sickness there are a few ways to relieve yourself of this.  Ginger Root, Dramamine are 2 that I know of that worked perfect for us.  Actually, after my second cruise I only took them on the first day.  After that most people get accustomed to the movement.

The ship does not move in any manner similar to that of modern day movies.  The Disney Cruise Line ships are built with modern day standards, and you actually don’t feel anything if you don’t let your mind be concerned.  Most people will notice movement, rather than feel it, because when you are sitting at the dining tables you can actually see your drink moving slightly.

The rooms are not as small as one would think.  We are a 3 person family, and each time we cruise with Disney we get a Category 11, or 12.  These are the smallest rooms, and usually on the inner locations.


3 Night:
Ports of Call:
Castaway Cay


4 Night:
Ports of Call:
Castaway Cay
1 Night at Sea


7 Night Western:
Ports of Call:
Key West
Cayman Island
Castaway Cay
2 Nights at Sea


I have nothing bad to say about any of these cruises.  The 3 Night, and the 4 Night seemed to short for me.  I also do not want to be at sea for any great amount of time.  The 7 Night Western Cruise has 2 Nights at Sea, while the 7 Night Eastern has 3 Nights at Sea.  I realize that the cruises are going on while other cruises are out, so the thought of “Double-Dipping” certain places is not always possible.

Childcare services are included at no additional costs for children ages 3 – 12.  Children over 12 have their own club to hang out in.  Upon checkin at the Port, pagers are issued for any child enrolled in the service.  Children are also wristbanded for identification.  Children cannot be released without a “Password” that is made by the Parent / Guardian at time of enrollment.

There are many restaurants on the ships.  Disney has implemented Dining Rotation.  Each night you are able to dine in a different restaurant, and on the longer cruises you get to a few multiple times.  You always have your specific dining staff with you at the designated restaurants.  There are several seatings available.  Make sure to request the seating that suits you best.  We found eating late worked best, as we could indulge in other things, and eat our big meal last, just prior to bed.  I found Animators Palette to be the most unique.  Painting on the wall go from black and white at the beginning of the meal to full colored by the end of the meal.




Castaway Cay is a “Paradise Island” as far as I am concerned.  You get off the ship, and can either walk, or take a tram to the main part of the island.  From there you can go to any of multiple places.  There is a “Family Beach”, “Serenity Bay”, “Teen Beach”, and “Scuttles Cove”.  Each of these 4 locations are specific to which guest may partake.

Once on the island you can enjoy food that is prepared there, rather than eating on the ship.  Childcare services are available on Castaway Cay as well.  Parents can receive pages from staff no matter where they are.  There are many activities that you can find on the island, as well as a few activities that have a nominal cost to partake in.

Back on board there is a vast amount of nighttime activities.  From the stage shows to the pool deck happenings, there isn’t many ways you can find yourself bored.  Throughout the day there are shows broadcast to the “Jumbo Screen” at midship.  I personally liked seeing this at night, and can’t imagine what it would look like from another ships point of view.

During select events there is a Fireworks show that is put on from the deck while at sea.  This is truly a spectacle that must be seen.

I don’t know much about the others personally, but information about them is available by going to: Http://www.DisneyCruise.Com.

Here is a map of Castaway Cay.



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  1. Great pic of Animator’s Palatte. That was a fun meal, wasn’t it!