DirecTV SWiM / SWM Technology…

Today I installed a SWiM technology dish for DirecTV.

I like the fact that it is actually easier to get a house up, and running with only one cable coming from the dish.  For the inexperienced installer this may seem impossible.

Here is my basic explanation on the installation…
The dish brings in the signal based on your DMA. The signal is distributed through the coax cable via defined frequencies. Each receiver receives a frequency that in turn brings in the signal that the receiver requests. The single wire leaving the dish gets fed into a special splitter. A power distributor feeds power to the lnb via a cable from the power distributor to a port on the splitter. One receiver gets its signal from the power distributor box while the remaining receivers get the signal from the first splitter I discussed.

Pros & Cons:
Up to a total of 8 feeds can be attained off of one SWM dish. DVR’s now only need one cable, but count for 2 feeds in the count. Only certain receivers can be used with the SWM system.

I actually viewed the training video on my dealer showroom account, but some of you may find it very interesting.

Here are the videos that I found in searching the net for you, the viewer…

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5 Responses to DirecTV SWiM / SWM Technology…

  1. Go-Go… I appreciate your time, but I am a dealer for DirecTV.  Thanks anyway.

  2. You can only get a SWiM system if you are ordering high definition. You need a high def slimline dish, a SWiM LNB, a 21 volt power inserter and either a 2, 4 or 8 receiver splitter.
    Each splitter can run a DVR on each line coming from the splitter for either 4,8 or 16 “channels”. In other words, you can have anywhere from one to eight fully functioning DVR’s that can record two programs at once. Anyone interested in purchasing such a system can contact me. I’ll ship you the entire setup including the dish, lnb, power inserter and the switch size of your choice (2-4-8). Basic mounting hardware such as lags, support monopoles and bishop tape is included. Entire package is 250 including shipping via paypal. Another hundred gets you an under eave clamp mount for homes with non composite (regular shingles are known as composite) roofs, also includes shipping and mounting hardware with instructions.

  3. I live on the North side of Houston. DTV gave me the name of 3 installers. So who really makes the call on whether a SWM installation is authorized? The installer or DTV? And, if I bought the SWM equipment, would the installer install and any ball park idea of the additional install cost to me? DTV has a very strange business model, they have the technology I want, I want to do business with them and yet we never even got to the point of discussing cost – just a NO. Amazing.

  4. I am a DirecTV retailer, so I get my equipment direct. What state do you live in? Maybe I can point you in the right direction.

  5. Thanks for putting this out there – great information. I’m trying to get SWM put in at my house and I’ve been unable to get Directv to authorize the installation even though my house will not allow 2 cables to be run. Where did you buy the equipment and how many hours to install?