Dinner As If I Was At A Restaurant

Tonight I prepared dinner for the 2 of us.  (My wife is on a diet, so she eats specific foods that are usually different than what we eat.)  We had a Romano’s Macaroni Dinner Meal Kit.  We had the Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken meal.

Making this is very easy even if you aren’t a good cook like my wife.  (She is good, just not at highly ellaborate meals.)  This was very fast to put together, and serve at a total of @ 20 minutes.  The box contained very detailed instructions for preparing the meal.

The only thing I would have done a little off the directions was to start the chicken first.  I would think you need to do this because the pasta sits in the water until you are finished with everything else.

The photo below shows a 2 serving portion.


The box states that it feeds 5 servings at 1 cups per serving.  For a family of 4 I would recommend 2 boxes in case they like it enough to have seconds.

Both myself, and my daughter had seconds because it was so good.

The meal would have been better if I had added a salad, or some garlic bread, but due to time constraints, and forgetting to purchase additional items the meal went without.

Some nutritional information:


I will definitelly purchase this if the price isn’t too high.  I plan to try the other 3 combinations as well.

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25 Responses to Dinner As If I Was At A Restaurant

  1. looks good

  2. I love the title of your review and your description makes me want to go to the store and pick on one.

  3. Yummmy! Sounds delicious, thank you for an informative review.

    I like your idea of adding a salad too.

  4. Barbara Leatham

    Sounds yummy to me…this is a meal my 10 year old can even make when her friends are over and starving!!

  5. Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing the nutritional facts.

  6. Man, that’s a lot of salt!

  7. Oh Good Lord, this sounds so Great for my Husband!!! He is going to go NUTS for this! He definately will eat seconds!!!

  8. Sounds and looks delicious!

  9. sounds good and easy to keep on hand. thanks

  10. Sounds quick, easy & yummy! I’m going to look for these in my market. Would be great to have on hand for an easy weekend dinner.

  11. We haven’t tried the Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken but we have had the Chicken Alfredo with Linguine… although I’m a vegetarian so it turned out to just be linguine alfredo. It was good although tasted pretty buttery and the amount that one box made was not nearly enough.

  12. I would love to try any and all of these

  13. It looks great!!! I think I would have to have seconds as well!

  14. That picture makes me want to have some pasta for dinner! Looks good.

  15. That looks so good! Makes me hungry. LOL It seems like it would be very easy to prepare and having two kids, that is something that’s very important to me.

  16. great tip about the chicken

  17. Thanks for the info on this product. I have yet to try them

  18. This sounds like it would be a great meal for busy days.

  19. I like that you stated there were “very detailed instructions for preparing the meal” on the box! That makes me think even someone in MY household could cook this product! Thanks for the review :)

  20. Worth a try, keeps getting decent reviews.

  21. YUM – sounds like an item my family would love.

  22. I’ve personally tried the prepared Macaroni Grill meals and they’re delicious. Great review of a great product.

  23. Val…Sorry.  I just added that.  I forgot to paste that last night.

  24. Knowing more about it in the way of nutritional content would be helpful.

  25. Prepackaged foods are great for quick and easy meals. However, their cost per serving is high because what they consider as one serving normally does not fill even a child’s appetite.