Did I Hear Bad Company 2 Updates?


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This briefing is to familiarize yourself with a situation that could possibly be the biggest situation of our time. The forces are tenatively scheduled for deployment in Q1 of 2010.

As most people will acknowledge, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is probably one of the most highly anticipated games for the 2009 year.  While many were not happy with some things that were left out of, or buggy in Bad Company, There appears to be something on the horizon.



They will be sticking with the 24 person maximum online play.  There appears to be a vast addition to the motorpool in this episode, such as quads, and black hawks.  The buildings will now be totally destructable.  It appears that there will be another game mode in addition to the ones that we already have.  The maps are claimed to be bigger than before.

I am totally psyched about this game.  I play Battlefield: Bad Company with my neighbor, and my friends currently.  We are all anticipating what carnage we will be able to bring to each other.

Hopefully the squad situation, and chat situation are fixed in this release.

If you run into anyone that claims C.O.D. is better than Battlefield, then you have really met someone that has missed the boat, or just can’t handle a game that actually demands skill, and teamwork.  On a level from 1 to 10… C.O.D. is a 2.  Battlefield will always be much higher.  I cannot give Bad Company more than an 8 because of the shortages, and issues all of the players have seen.

Till then… At ease soldier.



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3 Responses to Did I Hear Bad Company 2 Updates?

  1. Great blog – Just subscribed to your RSS feed.. Thanks

  2. Pat…With everything that people have to worry about it is nice to be able to take their minds off of them for a bit.  People that are too serious all the time are very dull, and boring people.

  3. You sound like a little boy opening his Christmas presents. There are a lot of real life situations much bigger.