Dentists… What Is Up With Them?

I am in the denist chair as we speak. My dentist is a barrel of laughs. When he is in a good mood he yells “Yeah baby!”  That usually means $100 each time he says this.

I am getting a cleaning, and check up.

He just came back in with the X-Rays, and I asked him… “How bad?”

He replied (in a joking way) “I hope real bad, cause we need to stimulate the economy.”

He turned back, and said to me that nothing was wrong.

This dentist dances around, tells jokes, and a lot more things that would normally scare the average person.

Does anyone else have a dentist that is totally off the wall, but does a good job?

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4 Responses to Dentists… What Is Up With Them?

  1. gearge ahhss

    Great article, a good dentist is hard to find these days.

  2. monica herrera

    With the price of dental insurance these days, it is becoming almost prohibitive to pay for a full dental exam.

  3. gearge ahhss

    Not many people have dental insurance these days anyways.

  4. My dentist is one of New Jersey’s top ones. The magazine in his office lists him. The up side is his work is excellent; the downside is he is cery, very expensive even with my private dental insurance policy.
    I know some people on the state plans whose dental care just isn’t at the level I demand. What you pay for is what you get. I know. And in this economy, I noticed not as many patients being booked–measurement wait time for appointments.