Cuisinart Grind & Brew Review

Finding a good appliance is getting harder, and harder to do.  My family has a specific set of standards that must be met for us to purchase a product.  Cuisinart has handled most of our small kitchen appliances for some time.

We are heavy coffee drinkers in my house.  I have always loved fresh ground coffee.  The coffee just tastes better when it is freshly ground, and brewed.  I had gotten a Cuisinart 10 cup automatic grind & brew as a gift, and it was absolutelly the best coffee maker I had ever gotten.  The unit is very easy to use.  Pour water in, add grinds or beans, and press start button.  That’s it.

I have yet to be able to afford a newer model of the Grind & Brew, so I keep watching other items of this type that are available from Cuisinart.  I got the Black colored version, and I understand that they had a White version as well.


There is a lcd clock on the face.  The machine has a timer so that you can set it to make coffee at a specific time.  It also has a self cleaning mode.  The brew pause feature is especially nice for those that just can’t wait for the entire pot to be finished brewing.  The DGB-300BK features a programmable timer for shutting off the machine after a set time.  You can also set how hot you want the coffee to stay through one of the programming features.

You can purchase a cleanable filter, or use disposable filters.

This coffee maker comes with a limited 3 year warranty.  The companies items are available through retailers selling Cuisinart products, or through the Cuisinart store.

I give this coffee machine 10 out of 10.

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