C.S.I. – What are your feelings?

I have been watching C.S.I. for as many years as it has been on.  I personally don’t think that the show will make it now that Grissom is gone.  While I may be wrong, I don’t think I am far off.

Grissom made the show what it is, and not being on it could be a turning point that they don’t expect.  Maybe it was time for C.S.I. to go off air, as they have been knocking off a lot of the characters… Warrick, Under Sherrif… and then Sarah, and Grissom leave.

What do you think?  I will check back after the next episode.  The first impression makes it all.

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One Response to C.S.I. – What are your feelings?

  1. A story is only as good as its actors. Some leave thankfully never to return. Others do. Others are replaced for the better. Time alone will tell. I myself watch most of the primetime channel crime shows. How detection has changed and evolved over the years. Science is the star not the man. The shows tend to be bloody and gory. I suppose that is what people want–sensationalism.