Convenience Store Registers

Have you ever gone into a convenience store, and had nothing but problems at checkout?  The other day I went into 7-Eleven, and the POS systems were all having an issue.  The keyboards weren’t working, and the scanners weren’t operating correct either.

Every business that has a register needs to make sure that it works 100% at all times.  I don’t think that it looks to professional for a register to be inoperable at times that it is needed.

I have seen some real elaborate systems in my time, and the ones at most of the convenience store just go to tell me that they must be making some good money to be able to afford them.

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2 Responses to Convenience Store Registers

  1. It seems to be common sense to have non- faulty operational
    equipment but like you said, “business owners priorities lie elsewhere!”

  2. I can so relate we have Tom Thumbs here and I just hate having to go in to that store for anything. I even pay for my gas at the pump and there is never a reciept printed.