Contest Winner – 3/15/09

I would like to say thank you to all of those that entered this months contest.

The contest prize was:

1 Walt Disney Explorer PC Software
1 pen from VistaPrint
1 notepad from Vistaprint
10 notecards from Vistaprint

The winner of the contest was……..


You will have 3 days to email me back with your address, and if you want your prize.

Remember the software is for a PC, and Apple computers are not compatible.

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2 Responses to Contest Winner – 3/15/09

  1. Dear John,
    I did not realize how popular blog parties were until I visited the Ultimate one currently going on.
    You may not realize it but yours was the first contest I never entered. I figured the odds were against me winning so it was a happy surprise when I did. I want to thank you for your prompt dispatch of my prize. I will certainly use the stationery. I think your note at the bottom is great–now I can’t lose your blog site.
    I am currently running one of my own. . I will be running another when that ends as well. Please stop by and check to check things out and leave a comment. I try to respond to every one I get. I just love the dialog. Maybe your luck will be as good as mine.

  2. This is the first thing I won blogging. I am so excited. Thank you. I can hardly wait to check it out. Everybody loves being a winner.