Contest Carnival #1

This will be our first Contest Carnival.  I hope everyone enjoys what we have in store…

Between the 3 sites that we have there will be a Contest Carnival being run.

Those sites are: www.MyBlogs4U.Com, www.MomsBlogs4U.Com, and www.DisneyContestBlog.Com

Some of the items in the upcoming carnival are as follows.

(Ready)(4) Country Bob’s 2 Packs

(Ready)(2) Trix Gift Pack

(Ready)(2) YoPlait Gift Pack

(Ready)(2) Sonic Gift Card

(2) Guide To Better Sex & Pregnancy DVD

(1) Joyful Organizer’s Guide to a Joyful Move

JonesGaba Drinks

(5) GoPicnic (4 Products)

(2) MolliCoolz Shakers (4 Pack)

(1) PETA Practical Guide To Animal Rights


The (Ready) denotes that the item is ready to run.

The (#) before the product is how many winners


Keep checking the site, as the contests will be published soon… Could be anytime.  They may not go up all at once, but they will be up fairly close in time.

We need to do the reviews before the contests for each are run.

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