Connect your PS3 to home theatre

Correctly configuring your PS3 to your Surround stereo is very important.

This walkthrough will actually work with any gaming system.

I have found sites showing that you can use this setup for DTS, while others say NO.

Here is a very short instructional.

First connect the PS3 to your tv by either HDMI, or Component cable.  You do not need audio cables if you are using the Component cables. 

Second connect the PS3 to your stereo via an Optical cable if your stereo has the capability.  If not connect the Red audio, and White audio cable to the stereo.

Third go into the PS3 settings, and configure the PS3 based on which connection you used.

Things to make sure you do in the end…

Turn the tv volume all the way down.

If you are on Optical, then the stereo should automatically decide which sound mode to use.  If you must choose, then make sure you have at least used Dolby Pro Logic 1, or 2.

The reason you do not need audio at the tv when you have a stereo is that you will receive a echo due to the audio going to 2 different fields, and the stereo fields are going to decode in a different manner.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me, and I will be glad to help you out.

As a 15 year installation tech contracted by many of the big stores I have experience with audio, and video.  Most people think they know what they are talking about… Most don’t.

DTS isn’t used in many applications yet, due to the cost of the equipment most people will not upgrade just for that one sound set.

Correct placement of speakers is key…

This section is pertaining to wall mounted tv’s, and some stand type tv’s.

Front Left, and Front Right should be on the appropriate side towards the middle of the tv.  Wall mounted speakers should not be at the ceiling.  The center channel needs to be under the tv.  The Surround speakers should not be at the ceiling either.  They should be at approximatelly ear level when sitting down.  The subwoofer actually performs well in the front of the room, but for rooms with the seating in the back of the room, the subwoofer should be placed at the back of the room.

Here are a few pictures to show you how we install to correct sound specifications…



I will make a detailed posting on what not to do when installing, or having your lcd / plasma installed on your wall.

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