Configure Your WiFi

When configuring your home, or work Wireless Router there is a little unrealized problem that I am going to help you with.  When someone configures your router they usually configure it for WEP, WPA, or actually don’t secure it.

If you are going to have a router configured by anyone make sure you tell them you want to use Mac Address Filtering.  What this does is makes your router only talk to computers that are registered in the router configuration.  When someone configures WEP, or WPA they either write the Security Key down.

That security key is lost 80% of the time, and then you can’t access the router without it if your computer doesn’t save the key.  When you use Mac Address Filtering there is no security key to loose.  Most routers now have a “Easy Config” button, which makes adding additional units very easy.

This is only my suggestion.  I have been doing this type of work for a long time, and before I changed procedures I would get a call within a few months asking if I knew the key, as they had lost it.

There is also another known way of configuring a router if you insist on WEP, or WPA.  When making the security key make the passphrase something that you will not forget.  If you do forget it, then you can call any good computer tech, and tell them the passphrase, and they can generate what the key should be.

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