Computer Ugrades At Home

I have been going through the computers at home to see if I needed to make any upgrades to them.  My daughter, and also my wife have been playing with their computers for some time, and I never noticed that they needed some memory.

I immediatelly contacted my supplier, and requested some cheap memory sticks.  They will give the computer some added power, and speed.  Hopefully they will not bother me again for some time.

Memory prices have dropped, as most of everything in the world.  Take advantage, and have your computer tech check out your computer to see if it needs any upgrading while prices are cheap.

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2 Responses to Computer Ugrades At Home

  1. Pat…I am a computer tech, and what you buy isn’t always needing of more power in the beginning.  After you get going something always needs more power.

  2. Upgrades are good years later but best thing is to buy what youy need in the beginning.