Complete Keurig Platinum Brewer Review

In my house there is one thing that must be in operation at all times, and that is the coffee maker.  Nightly my neighbor comes over, or my best friend comes over, and we must sit and have some coffee.  We go through 2-3 cups each on most nights.  My neighbor loaned me his Keurig system back a while ago, and I loved the convenience.  Recently I was was offered to review the Keurig Platinum Brewer, and I immediatelly replied that I was very interested.  There are a few different model Keurig brewers available, and each has its own different characteristics.

The Keurig Platinum Brewer is a machine that uses “K Cups” instead of the traditional coffee grinds being placed in a paper filter.  The other big thing about the machine is that it is a single cup maker.  I would have originally thought that the Keurig system would have been a big money spending item, but when you buy the coffee through Keurig you can become part of the coffee club which awards you when you purchase.  You can get FREE shipping, FREE coffee, and discounts too.

Operation is very simple.

  1. Fill the water container with water.
  2. Place K Cup into machine.
  3. Place cup into machine.
  4. Press button.
  5. Enjoy coffee.

There are many different sized cups supported, and even if your desired cup isn’t supported you have the capability of running the machine on a smaller cup the second time through, and you don’t even have to change the coffee.  The coffee is hot first time, and there is no wasted coffee.  This was always a big problem for us, as there is only 2 of us that live in the house that drink coffee, and we were making a full pot of coffee.  Drinking half of the coffee was only wasting the other half, and reheating the unused coffee later on just wasn’t the same.

Keurig Platinum Brewer Facts & Specifications…

  • 5 Cup Sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz,
    8 oz, 10 oz, & 12 oz *
  • Iced Beverage Setting
  • Removable 60 oz Reservoir
  • Fully Programable Features
  • Blue Backlit Display
  • Quiet Brew™ Technology
  • Award Winning Design
  • UL and c-UL approved for
    Household use only
  • Power: 1,500 Watts
  • Voltage: 120VAC/60Hz
  • Weight: 12 lb empty; 15 lb full
  • Dimensions:
    13″H 10″W 13.25″D
  • There is a wide variety of drinks that can be made with the Keurig system.  Be it Hot Chocolate, Tea, or coffee there is something for just about everyone.  I personally like the Butter Toffee flavored coffee.  My wife is rather fond of the Wild Mountain Blueberry flavored coffee.  For those that are unsure of just what flavor they may want there are a few different Sampler packs available that have a variety of flavors included.  Check out the site, as there are many different coffee manufacturers, and each manufacturer has a vast amount of flavors.

    When you register your brewer on the Keurig site you are given a code to receive 2 FREE boxes of beverage with your first purchase.  To get one for yourself stop by the Keurig website.  You can see what kinds of drinks, and what flavors are available for yourself.

    For the office personell there is a Keurig line just for the office.  If you want to give Keurig a try you can click HERE to find out about the FREE TRIAL program.

    The Keurig Platinum Brewer has a MSRP of $169.95.  It is available at many local retailers, or at the Keurig Shop.

    Here is a video showing just how easy coffee preperation is.

    As a side note… I am in Orlando quite a bit.  Now all that needs to be done to make the Orlando vacation packages more appealing to me is to have a Keurig as part of the plan.

     I was sent a Keurig Platinum Brewer, and K Cups by Keurig so as to review the brewer. I was not paid any monetary compensation for this review. This post is my opinion and should be taken as just that. Having received samples has no impact on our personal use, experience, or like for any product.  As always my review is honest, and concise in every way.

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