Complete Clean Dental Floss Review

complete_55_hi12550064584acde0fa52230Have you ever had a situation where the dental floss you use just doesn’t do the job?  Recently I got to try out some complete clean floss

This floss is different from regular dental floss in that it is made of 2 dental flosses twisted together.

I know it may sound like there is a lot of dental floss there, but when I used it there was no major size difference in comparison.  It seemed to work as expected.

You can get the floss over at Dentek.  MSRP is $2.99.


This review is a result of a feedback campaign by DenTek Oral Care Inc. The recipients were asked to give their honest opinion about the product they received. Good reviews were not incentivized and poor reviews will not be censored for their opinion of the product.

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One Response to Complete Clean Dental Floss Review

  1. It sounds real good for most people..
    However, I have bridges and I wonder if it could be used on those.
    I just may have to pick some up for my family to use and let them tell me how good they work!