Comcast Is At It Again

For the longest time I have fielded comments from my own customers about the service that they receive from Comcast tv.  Comcast high pricing, and channel droppings.

I just read an article that Comcast is now requiring everyone to upgrade to digital equipment in order to view MSNBC, and AMC.  Why don’t they just make everyone get a box, and get it over with.

This serves as a advisory to anyone that has cable tv.  Cable tv claims that they are digital.  While this may seem true it is not fully true.

Cable serves the signal to your house through cables that run along streets, in grounds, and more.  In order to have a 100% digital signal you need to have at minimum rg-6 wiring throughout the entire system leading to your home.  A good majority of the people out there do not realize that the home that they have been living in for many years probably has rg-59 wiring.  This wiring is not digital capable.

What they cable companies do is that they have boxes that produce a digital “overlay” on the analog signal.

The only companies that are 100% digital by todays standards are FIOS, and satellite.

I have satellite, and they haven’t made any major changes to their system other than adding channels.  They don’t require new boxes in order to do this, either.

Don’t let the cable companies take advantage of you.

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6 Responses to Comcast Is At It Again

  1. Sheliza… They all do, as they have a racket.  Their service is true garbage.

  2. Andrea…Might want to think of a true digital solution like DirecTV.  Sorry I just don’t like Dish Network.

  3. I have comcast and spend way to much for the service.

  4. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
    Thank you

  5. my cable company (Time Warner) sounds the same as Comcast. They have no problem ripping you off!

  6. Good information. Comcast used to serve Brick. Only good thing about its programming is that it carries the college programs.