Comcast Door to Door Sales…Worthless!

Yesterday there was a guy named Frank N. walking around our neighborhood.  We didn’t know what he was doing until he approached my wife and started asking about our tv/phone/internet services.  He said he was from Comcast.

My wife, and I would never leave DirecTV at this point in time.  Comcast tv service is the absolute worst service that I have ever seen.  He left, and went to my neighbors house.  While there he had my neighbor convinced into switching over to Triple Play.  What he didn’t know was that you cannot run a server on a residential plan.  You also cannot get static ip’s on a residential.  He claimed that he had called in and was advised that all this could be done.  My neighbor called me, and asked me to come over and straighten this all out.  Why me… Well, I used to do work for cable, and I happen to know a lot about the services that Comcast offers.

I told him bluntly that he knew nothing of what he was selling, and that I was calling his bluff about what he was selling.  I called in and spoke with senior tech support reps that advised me of the same things that I already knew.  You cannot run servers on residential accounts, and static ip’s are not available on residential accounts either.

He was also trying to convince him to switch his tv service.  I told the guy that DirecTV has a much more superior service, and that was that.  The salesman even went as far as making my neighbor believe that the Sunday Ticket was available.  He later changed his story to Comcast having access to the sports network.  BIG DIFFERENCE!

Neighbor came to me today, and said that the guy called, and tried to con him into something else.  He also said that I was very unprofessional.  Why was I unprofessional?  I advised my friend / neighbor that this man was selling a bridge that he couldn’t deliver.  This man doesn’t have the bowling spheres to say that to my face.  I did call to speak with management, but that is like winning the lottery…  It doesn’t happen often.

Moral of this story… Believe nothing the door to door salesman try to sell you.  If you are on DirecTV, and they offer to buy you out of your contract… Watch your rear end.  If they fail to pay any part of the early termination fee, then you will still be liable for payment.

This salesman knew nothing!

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7 Responses to Comcast Door to Door Sales…Worthless!

  1. JAJA…For your information I do know what I am talking about.  I am in business for 15 years, and still going strong.  I have worked for Adelphia, and then Comcast, and mark my word… My neighbor wasn’t the only one that almost screwed with the empty promises that are being made.  Correct yourself… 90% DON’T know what they are talking about, and they are just out trying to make a paycheck.  These people wouldn’t have these positions if the cable companies weren’t hurting so bad because of their GARBAGE service that they provide.  Next thing you are going to tell me is that everyone with a DIGITAL service on their account actually has digital service.  Well, you would be outright wrong.  Don’t tell me about things you DON’T have any clue about.  I speak factual, and concise.  I am not stereotyping… I am point the finger at the wrongdoers… If they aren’t doing wrong, then they aren’t being included in the story.

  2. Its terrible that one bad door to door sales man is making you categorize everyone with them. These men and women are hard workers and 90% of them are honest humans! For the other 10 % they don’t last and are not honest working people. I hate uneducated people as yourself that talk an entire group into a stereotype and simply don’t judge one individual or one incident for what it was.

  3. KOKO…Did you receive my response?  Just wanted to make sure.  Thanks.

  4. <p>KOKO…DirecTV and FIOS are the only true digital tv sources on the market.&nbsp; &lt;–Proven FACT.&nbsp; Roofs don’t leak if you had a professional install it rather than the half wits that want to do their own install, or think they know everything.</p>
    <p>The salesman worked for Comcast, and didn’t have a clue what he was selling.&nbsp; I have Business Class internet, so I don’t have to justify your reading incompetence.&nbsp; My neighbor was trying to save money, and was given bad info.&nbsp; We both have Business Class, and I am not crying… I am informing people out on the web to beware of any salesman, as most are total fools.</p>
    <p>Please read before you make a fool of yourself next time.&nbsp; Thanks.</p>

  5. koko kouvelis

    directv blows who needs a sattelite on thier roof and when rains snows picture deperication and your roofs gonna leak!!! aw it was really windy and the dish got off alignment douche! obviously this guy works for directv my internet is running 20megs on a 6meg service my hd is crystal clear and wtf do u need to be running servers if u not on comcast business class?? sounds like if u dont have the money dont attempt to do it half ass!! so the sales rep was a liittle undereducated and said you were unprofessional it was a nice way to say tell your neighbor to fuck himself!! yea sorry but shit happens dont be a bitch and cry about it

  6. ComcastMark…Thank you for confirming that.  I am usually right if I publicize something about a company, or its policies.

  7. You are correct. Static IPs can only be acquired with Comcast if you have a business account.

    I apologize for the inaccurate information that our representative provided and for contesting the clarification that you provided to your neighbor. I know that you tried to file a complaint to the local management but you were not bale to get a hold of them.

    I will make sure that your experience is shared with our local leaders. We will make sure that our representatives are providing the correct information. Most importantly, we do not want our potential and existing customers being misinformed.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and for providing the opportunity to improve the service we provide.

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations