Claire And Leon To The Rescue: A Review Of Resident Evil Degeneration DVD

If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil video game series, then chances are, you have not been too happy with Resident Evil the movie series. At least, that’s the impression one would get from various online forums. Resident Evil: Degeneration, however, is something special. At first, I’m not sure if RE: Degeneration is meant to be part of the Resident Evil theatrical series, but if it is, then the timeline will put it between Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse and Resident Evil 3: Extinction. Resident Evil: Degeneration does not really have much connection from the prior movies at all with the exception of Claire Redfield and a reference to the Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil: Degeneration features Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy trying to stop a terrorist from unleashing an infectious virus to the population at-large. The plot thickens as they discover that the terrorist lost family in Racoon City and only care about bringing down the individuals responsible for his loss without regards to the destruction that he may cause.

Resident Evil: Degeneration is great for long time fans of the video game because they’ll get to see characters they actually recognize in Claire and Leon. It’s a CGI movie, so it gives an overall feeling of a video game, but not really because it’s a movie. The plot is fairly complex with plenty of twists and turns as Claire and Leon try to uncover the identity of the terrorist who is causing havok.

Of course, as a video game movie, the action should be pretty good and it is. Zombie blood and brains are splattered by barrage of bullets and explosives, couple with acrobatic hand-to-hand fight scenes in close quarters. In fact, the movie needs more action. There seems to be a lot of “talking” in between fighting the zombies and by the time action gets going again, the movie is over.

As an all CGI movie, the graphics are well done. The landscapes and background are pretty, whether it is at the airport or at the pharmaceutical facility. The special effects in the background, such as fire, glares, and guns shots are all vivid.

The animation, however, could have been better because the lifeless faces of the characters loses emotion anytime they are trying to convey feelings. In fact, they’re kinda creepy, looking doll-like as they tell sob stories, flirt, or get mad at each other.

All in all, there is nothing ground breaking about Resident Evil: Degeneration, but it’s a pretty good CGI movie. If you’re a fan of the video game and want to see Leon and Claire in action, then the movie will be to your liking. If you only follow Resident Evil because of the movie and/or the zombies, then you’ll be disappointed.

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