Circuit City…Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Can we all let a big sigh of relief out, as the last days of Circuit City have come, and gone?

Circuit City stores for the most part fully closed on Friday.

I want to give a little background so everyone can understand how I can say this…

Back @ 6 years ago I started contracting work from Circuit City.  I was doing installations of tv’s, stereos, etc.  @4 years ago I was approached after bringing their attention to quite a few major issues that I noticed.  I was almost immediatelly put on “Probation”, and my workload came to a screaching halt.

Those issues were vital ones, as they were problems that could cause Circuit City big legal issues, and for the main part.. The customer could have major legal issues.

Management always liked to get rid of the people that worked their tails off.  They got rid of everyone that I knew at several stores, even though those people are the ones that did their job right.  Then they hired true “No Nothings.”  (That is a pun against the other term “Know-It-Alls.”

Technicians were installing electric outlets without permits, and also without having a clue with what they were doing.  When I advised corporate “big-shots”, all they had to say was “We will take it under advisement, but you aren’t acting as a team player.  A few years back there was a case that had a customers home burn down, and the installer of a tv did an electric outlet that wasn’t inspected.  The insurance company fought with the customer because of that situation.  I didn’t want CC to run into this, and that is why I said something.  We also retained a electrician to work for us whenever necessary.

Technicians were also doing home improvement type work, when they shouldn’t have.  This was due to some customers needing a totally custom job, and it requiring extensive remodeling.  Most techs did not have any building experience.  I personally had to go out, and fix several jobs that were botched because of techs not knowing what they were doing.  We were one of the only companies contracted by CC to hold a license to perform home improvement work.

Prior to starting the “Firedog” program I stated my opinion that a flashy name isn’t what makes the job, or gets the customers.  They spent a lot of money marketing this.  They even went as far as having lackies from the local stores going out to customers homes, and installing things.  Not for nothing, but the store employees didn’t know what they were doing in the store, so what made them think that they could do anything outside of the store?

Even during their liquidation they were still high priced.  How they sold everything off is an even better question.  Wonder how many things “walked” out of the store?

I have been sucessfully operating off of customers that liked my work in the past.  Repeat customers are the most important.  They refer others to you when they know someone needs something.

If you live in NJ, then I am more than willing to help with your installation, and needs.  If you live anywhere else in the US, then I can point you to a company that has been around a long time, and the job will still be done to your expectations.

I for one can sucessfully state that I tried to advise them of issues that eventually helped in their downfall.

What do you think of this, and what did you think of the failed CC?

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2 Responses to Circuit City…Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

  1. This topic is quite hot in the net at the moment. What do you pay attention to while choosing what to write about?

  2. I am suspicious of any company that does not have a reasonable return policy. Certainly Circuit City usually made it difficult to impossible to do that for either exchange or store credit. Furthermore, in comparison shopping I found that much of its merchandise although it looked like other products by the same manufacturers just wasn’t. One feature or another or more was missing. As a comparison shopper I went into the store, read its circulars, and checked its website then went elsewhere.

    Even in its last doorbuster clearance days, it was selling after its steep discounts, dvd’s of 24 for $25. That same week Target had the same ones on the rack for $20. Good riddance to CC. Now the buyers don’t need to beware.