Circuit City Closing… No Surprise!

I remember a year, or so ago that I made the comment to several store employees, and corporate personell that the store wouldn’t make it.  I had made that comment because I was a contractor for them prior to them integrating “Firedog” into their image.  I was with them for @ 6 months after that all went through.  I was let go because I made my feelings known to management.  I was coming to them with things that needed to be changed.  I also got let go because the store didn’t find it professional for me to basically be telling the store that the associates had no clue in what they were selling, or doing.

The lack of store personell knowledge, and the lack of care by store personell is what put the company where it is today.  Installers doing electric work without any electric knowledge, store personell selling stuff that wasn’t needed, or the wrong item is another.  Economy may be another player, but I personally don’t feel it was a big enough one.

I still to this day do installations for other big names, and will continue doing those installations because I pride myself in making sure the customer always gets what they want.

Now all their employees with the skill level of a “fly-larva” will need new jobs.  I am confident that the big companies still running correct won’t be hiring those lackies.

I went into the Brick, NJ store today to see what kind of “Liquidation” they were running.  It almost appears that they jacked the prices up, and then marked them back down to make it look like there was a savings.  The only thing that I saw with a larger savings was the “Open Box” big screen tv’s.  If you do purchase anything through them, purchase an extended warranty through Squaretrade, as they are cheaper when it comes to price, and they are very speedy in finalizing your claim when something happens.

Needless to say… the store employees know that their jobs are gone in the end, so they are still just as useless (in my opinion) as they ever were.

Let me just say this to all the Circuit City employees that know me…

“I told you so!”

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I will be posting some photos of the quality work I perform.  Please rate them according to what you think.

Also… If you live in NJ, and need a home theatre installed, or tv installed you can feel free to contact me.




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