Cigars & My Uncle

For years I have watched my uncle L smoke cigars.  He seems to enjoy smoking cigars, and I have never been able to understand the whole cigar thing.  You don’t inhale… You just puff.  Well, I just read about cigars that are called acid cigars.  These are cigars made out of tobacco that has herbs, and oils to produce a unique smell.

I will have to mention these to my uncle, and see what he says about them.  He has been to many places, and maybe he has had one of these already.  You can never tell.  This is the same man that goes fishing on an island for a week every couple of years.  He is a very funny guy, but he does some unique things that I wouldn’t do.

Has anyone else ever tried one of these cigars?  What is the difference, as I am not a cigar smoker?

Hats off to you Big L.

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